You've Got Mail

By L. Jargalsaikhan

To improve my students’ writing skills, I use a “mailbox” in my classes. 

I place the mailbox on the wall in my classroom and decorate it with pictures.  The students write letters and put them in the mailbox.  They can then receive letters from the mailbox.  Students write once a week.  I check the box for letters and answer them. 

Students enjoy writing their letters and receiving new ones in return.  The activity is especially useful for the high level students.  The main goals of writing letters are to improve the students’ writing skills and to increase their vocabulary.  Because the activity is interesting and enjoyable to them, the students participate well and are able to accomplish these goals. 

Jargalsaikhan won the 2005 Summer English Olympics Journal Article Competition with this practical and fun idea for improving writing skills.  She is a teacher at Nomundalai Complex School in Bayankhongor.