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Writer’s Guidelines for Practical English Teaching 

PET stands for Practical English Teaching.  As our name suggests, The PET Journal’s goal is to help English teachers with practical teaching and specifically practical teaching ideas for secondary school English teachers.  Thus, PET leans away from deep theoretical, official English dissertations.  We welcome your contributions to this journal, but we do reserve the right to accept, deny or edit any submission based on relevancy to our audience. Thank you for contributing ideas that an English teacher can easily grasp and put into direct use in their real classroom! 

Practical English Teaching invites articles in the following categories:
  • Articles:  Any length, including short activity ideas, reflections on teaching or stories from the classroom
  • Lesson plans:  Length variable. State the goals, the target audience, and materials needed
  • Book summaries and reviews, Internet site notes and reviews, conference announcements and notes on other professional resources
  • Letters to the editor with comments, clarifications, criticisms, or additional information 
  • Letters to colleagues
  • You are also welcome to send your teaching questions to PET.  Please use the contact information on this page. 
Suggested topics include:
  • Teaching skills, especially speaking and listening
  • Teaching content courses such as literature or culture
  • Trends in English teaching
  • Teaching methodology and classroom management
  • Special factors in teaching such as multi-level classes
  • Syllabus design and lesson planning
  • Testing, grading (marking) and assessment
  • Case studies from theory to practice
  • Teachers’ professional development
  • Student peer evaluation activities in different types and levels of classes
  • Common mistakes or problem areas for Mongolian learners of English
  • Culture lectures or cultural exchange activities
  • Tips for pronunciation, intonation, stress and fluency
  • Activities or ideas for using small groups or pair work in a variety of classes
  • How to change textbook lessons to suit the needs of the class
  • Activities or ideas for filling “time gaps” in lessons
  • How to prevent cheating and plagiarism
  • Using journals in the classroom
  • Using music and drama in speaking and reading classes
  • ESP (English for Special Purposes), for example, computers
  • Organizing extracurricular English learning, for example, clubs or competitions
  • Overviews of the historical and cultural development of the English language
  • Communicative teaching of grammar points
Articles are accepted in any form.  Handwritten copies will be accepted.  All articles will be edited for space, correctness, and clarity.  Also include a brief biographical statement about yourself along with your telephone number and mailing address.  Include citations to references if other sources were used in writing the submission.   References should be written as follows: Author’s last name, First name. Title. City: Company, Year.

Please submit completed materials to:

Practical English Teaching
English Language Institute
P.O. Box 1017
Ulaanbaatar-13 Mongolia

Or by Email:

Telephone:  (11) 310662
Fax:  (11) 310519

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