How to Give a Speech

by Ts. Ganzorig
Tsedenbal Ganzorig is a third-year student at Khovd University.

     Do you want to speak fluently? Do you want to get a good job? Do you want to show people that you are the best? Even though you are knowledgeable and educated, if you can’t speak well and if you can’t show people how knowledgeable you are, this is very bad. Also are you going to have a job interview and you really want to get that job? You should be good at giving speeches. So, in this article I’m going to talk about giving a speech.
     First, what is a speech? It’s very easy to explain. It means to speak with a topic in front of a group of people or audience.
     Second, what types of speeches do we give? Speeches have the following general purposes, to inform and to persuade. In a speech to inform, you present a topic and give people information about the topic. At the end of your speech the people should know certain knowledge about your topic. In a speech to persuade, you try to influence people to do something or not do something. Also, you can persuade them to feel or not feel something.
An effective speech should be divided into three basic parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.
The Introduction
     In this part you present your speech with a shortend form of what you are going to talk about. If, at the beginning of your speech, you get the attention of your audience, your speech will be successful. Because it is the first part of your speech, the intro should be clear and not very long. You should say the main ideas of your topic.

The Body
     After you present the intro, you start to present your main ideas. The body part should include three main ideas. If it has less than three ideas, your speech will be too short, and if it has more than three ideas it will be too long, and the audience will get bored. You should explain the main ideas clearly and support them well. The body takes the most time of a speech and is the most important part of a speech.

The Conclusion
     For the conclusion you need to give a summary of your speech and make your audience remember your speech.
     Finally, I’d like to talk about how to prepare for a speech. Before you give a speech, you have to prepare for it. The result will be good or bad depending on how you’ve prepared for it. You have to ask yourself the following questions:
  • Who is your audience? Are they children, teenagers, students, adults or highly educated people?
  • What is the purpose of your speech? To inform, persuade, etc.
  • How can you make your audience trust you?
    Here are some useful techniques for preparing and giving a speech. First, you should write your speech. Then you should practice. When you practice your speech you can practice in front of a mirror or pretend that you’re talking in front of the audience. After that you should practice only using small notes with key words just in case you forget your ideas. Next, keep practicing until you are comfortable. Then, when you give a speech, you should avoid nervous habits such as moving a lot, scratching your head and making verbal pauses. Also, try to have good posture and make eye contact with the people. In conclusion, it is most important to be self-confident. Unless you are self-confident, your audience won’t trust you. If you follow my advice you can give a very successful speech.

Here is an example of a persuasive speech:

Don’t Go to Bars
     Hello everyone. First in my speech I want to tell you one thing that many people are dying because of alcohol. In our country many people go to disco bars especially college and high school students and adults and most of them drink alcohol. This is too bad. So I want to appeal to my friends to not go to disco bars because it is very bad for your health, it is a waste of your money, and it is a waste of your good time.
     First, it’s clear and all people know that when people go to bars they usually drink. We heard, at the beginning of 2008 year many people died because of alcohol in Mongolia.
     Second, some people think that not all people drink in bars. But if you are in bars of course you’ll need to buy some soft drink or something except for vodka. How do we buy them? We only use money. It means we buy them with money. So it’s a waste of the money that you work hard to make.
     The last thing is a waste of your good time. We say “Time is gold” and some people say “time is much more expensive than gold.” I agree with this quote. You can all do very good things and you can create many useful and successful things instead of going to bars.
     Now do you want to go to bars? Do you think it’s a good thing? Of course not. Right? You all realized that it’s a very bad thing which means you may lose many important things because of it. For example, you’ll lose your health, money, and time like I said before. So, my friends, please don’t go to bars!   

Comprehension Questions:
1. How does Ganzorig get the audiences’ attention in the beginning of his speech?
2. What are Ganzorig’s three main reasons why we shouldn’t go to bars?
3. Ganzorig uses more than just facts and opinions in his speech. How does he make the speech more interesting?

Deeper Thought Questions:
1. Why do you think people go to bars?
2. Do you agree or disagree with Ganzorig’s reasons not to go to bars? Why?
3. How do you think people’s lives might improve if they went to bars less?