"Move to the Right" Game

This game can be used to practice many different vocabulary sets such as colors, numbers, and articles of clothing.  It’s a lot of fun for the students and can be used to give the students a break or as a “sponge” if you have extra time in a lesson.

Before class, prepare about 30 descriptions like these: 
  • wearing a ring
  • wearing a watch
  • wearing white socks
  • wearing sports shoes
  • wearing a ring on your right hand but not on your left hand
  • have been to China
  • can play the piano
  • have studied Korean
You can make the descriptions as simple or as complex as necessary to suit the level of your students.

Arrange the desk chairs or benches in a circle and have the students sit down.  If the class is larger than fifteen or twenty, make two circles.   Explain to the students that they should move to the seat to their right if the instruction you read is true of them.  For example, if you say “Those who are wearing sports shoes move to the right,” everyone wearing sports shoes will sit in the chair to his right.  Of course, some students will not be wearing sports shoes and will not move.  So other students may sit on their laps.  Three or four students may be sitting on each other.  That’s the fun of the game, and it keeps the class laughing.

Continue reading instructions.  The first student to go around the circle of chairs and return to his own chair is the winner.  Have the losers do the kangaroo hop as a punishment.