Letter from the Editor

          This issue marks the first time in 12 years that Practical English Teaching has been published without the watchful eye and creative hand of Pete Geiger as editor or managing editor.  At English Language Institute, we are grateful to Pete for the untold hours he has labored over PET. 

Pete loves Mongolia, and he loves his students.  His  love for both has been expressed in the careful attention he has given to making PET truly practical for the English teachers of Mongolia and their students.  Pete’s dream was always to see that this journal was not only useful for the English teachers of Mongolia but also that it was written by those same teachers.  Through Pete’s enthusiastic promotion of Mongolian authorship, most of the articles that appear in PET issues these days are written by Mongolian English teachers.

Thank you, Pete, for the strong foundation you have established for PET.  May you know many hours of joy as you continue to teach the English students of Zuunmod College. 

Readers, on the last page of this issue you can find more information about the new look of PET and how you can contribute to future issues.


Mary Beth Lott