Classroom Activity: Acting with Adverbs

Acting With Adverbs

Level: beginner, intermediate

Objective: practicing adverbs                                  

1) Give some students pieces of paper with different adverbs written on them, which you are studying.  Examples of adverbs are: slowly, quickly, sadly, gladly, tiredly, fearfully,          angrily, uncomfortably, enthusiastically, etc.

2) One student at a time should go to the front of the class.  The other students must call out any verb.  For example: eat, walk, sing, talk, etc.

3) The student at the front must act out the verb in the way described by the adverb on his paper. 

For example, if the class calls out eat, and the student's paper says sadly, the student must pretend he is eating in a sad way.  The other students must try to guess the adverb the 'actor' is acting.  If they can't guess correctly, they should call a different verb, and the student must act that verb sadly.

4) Repeat with all the adverbs you are studying.