An Apple for the Teacher

Letter from the Editor

            As the new editor of Practical English Teaching, I’d like to introduce myself to you, the readers.  My hometown is Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States.  Before coming to Mongolia, I trained to be a teacher but spent most of my professional years working as a lawyer.  I first came to Mongolia as an English teacher with English Language Institute for the summer of 1994.  Mongolia won my heart.  In the fall of 1995, I returned to teach at the University of Art and Culture and have been living in Mongolia ever since. Most of my years in Mongolia have been spent as a supervisor for the EXCEL program, first in Govi Sumber Aimag and then in Dornogovi.  I now work in Ulaanbaatar as the director for the Summer English Olympics sponsored by English Language Institute and the Ministry of Science, Technology, Education and Culture and as the editor for Practical English Teaching. 

            Since my first summer in Mongolia back in 1994, I have always worked with Mongolian English teachers in some way.  Overall I find Mongolian English teachers to be excited about their profession and anxious to improve in their methodology and in their level of English.  One of the things I enjoyed most about being an EXCEL supervisor was seeing my students use what they had learned in EXCEL in their very own English classrooms.  My hope is that PET will continue to provide you, the English teachers of Mongolia, with many practical tools to use in the classroom and to use in improving your own English.

            You have probably noticed that PET has a new look.  Several things have made the new look possible.  Changes in the printing and publishing industry in Mongolia in recent years now allow for a higher quality of printing.  Through much hard work and creative energy, Sarah Hardin has created a new design for PET’s cover and inside pages.  Many of you know Sarah as the EXCEL supervisor for Dornod Aimag and now also for Tov Aimag.  I extend my personal thanks to Sarah for the many hours she had spent on design and lay-out work for this issue.  Finally, thanks also go to Phil Jackson for his expert advice on how to make PET’s cover more attractive for you.

            PET has always been full of great ideas and articles for the English teacher’s professional development.  I know from my own interactions with English teachers across Mongolia that you read PET cover to cover and apply what you find inside.  I hope PET’s new look will make your reading and teaching all the more enjoyable. 

            An apple is a prominent feature in the new cover and page design.  Why an apple?  Many years ago in America, an apple was a traditional gift for a young child to give his or her teacher.  So the apple became associated with teachers.  Practical English Teaching is English Language Institute’s gift to you, the English teachers of Mongolia.  However, please take note of the full title on page 2- Practical English Teaching- a Journal by and for the English teachers of Mongolia.  This journal is not only for you, it’s by you. 

                                     SHOW ME AND I REMEMBER,
                                     INVOLVE ME AND I UNDERSTAND.